Escape Artist

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My son managed to squeeze through a 15 cm gap between the floor and gate…

How you ask? No idea…

I think he was after the BIG puddle outside.

New Life

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Congratulations to Sean and Larine Napier on the birth of their son Benjamin Walker Napier.

  • Born on the 23 March 2010, 2:16am
  • Weighing in at 3.655 kgs and 55 cm


Welcome to Planet Earth!

Aidan’s First Birthday

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It was quite an interesting 1st Birthday. Didn't really go as planned.

Monday Afternoon – Aidan was admitted into Hospital with Croup. Tracey stayed by his side the whole night to assist the nurses with nebulizing Aidan and to feed him (still breast feeding , ‘Well Done Mom’).

Tuesday Morning – Aidan could breathe again. No More Wheezing!! I went through to the hospital at around 7am. Aidan opened his presents, what a lot of fun. He then had to go for a X-Ray of his chest and throat, he was very good just stared at the BIG machines. Dr. Omar came round at about 10am to checkup on Aidan’s progress. He was very happy with the results. X-Rays showed that the throat had opened up nicely, however he did notice that Aidan’s also now has a slight chest infection. Dr. Omar said “We could go home, but play it safe and keep nebulizing”.

So that was it, we were out of there, off home to a nice warm bed and lots of TLC. I went and picked up the nebulizers (from the parents). We had a good afternoon of sleep… Woke up at about 4pm full of beans.

I cooked a Special Birthday Dinner, roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast butternut, and corn on the cob, for Aidan. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Aidan says, “Thanks Everyone for all your Birthday Wishes”.

just got home

getting ready for nap time