New Years Resolution

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I thought I better write this down somewhere before I forget it…


Few things I would like to accomplish this year:

          1. Have Fun with My Family

         2. Get a new lounge suite (replacing the hand me down)

         3. Get a new TV (replacing the 54cm hand me down)


That’s it nice and simple.

Nice Weekend

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Just finished off a good weekend with my Wife and Son.


            Woke up nice and late
            Decided to go find the pet shop (Dragonfire) in Assagay
            Found it and Wow, it's nice and big.
            Wide variety of animals (Furry, Cute, Squeaky, Slimy, Slithery, Smelly, Scary, Ugly etc)
            Stopped off at the Baxters for a visit ( All were well )
            Had a relaxing afternoon
            Sam and Josh came round to get movies
            We had Toast for Dinner… Nice and Simple


            Woke up nice and early
            Headed for church
            Ended up running late as there was a Marathon being run our road
            By the time we got to church it was packed, so decided to do the night mass.
            Spent the rest of the morning relaxing at home
            Aidan swimming in his pool
            Dad putting one foot in Aidan’s pool
            Then at about 1pm decided to give Tracey a break,
            so Aidan and I headed down to Granny and Grandpa for a visit
            I also had some wood I wanted to cut ( building a new snake tank )
            Aidan spent the whole afternoon playing with Granny
            We both arrived home at 4pm in time to get ready for church
            Aidan sat through his first Confirmation Mass (just over 2hrs long)
            We had a Chicken for Dinner … Yum Yum

All in all a fun filled weekend. Back to work now.

My New 27” DELL LCD

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Innovation Award from Derivco

Pics from 32 Manor Gardens

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Our First Rose (Gift from Mom & Dad Bevan)



Our Sea View (Only visible on a very clear day)

My Little Tiger

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Just past the 10 month mark.

Happy New Year & Decade

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NewYears Colour Lights 2010


To all friends and family may you have a prosperous 2010.


“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” ~ Bill Vaughn