Aidan’s First Trip to the Doc

Posted by Andrew Bevan | Posted in | Posted on 12:06 PM

Last week I took two days off to recover from a small bout of Flu… By Sunday night Aidan was sneezing and snotty. We spent the whole night looking after the poor spud. He wasn’t a happy chappy, coughing and spluttering all over the place. We would get him to sleep and then put him down on the bed and in a matter of minutes he would be choking on mucus. On top of that he also had a bit of a temp (avg. 37.8 ). Not Cool.

Monday, Tracey and Aidan spent the better half of the day in bed trying to recover. Aidan literally slept the whole morning and afternoon. Woke for a few feeds, but that was it. We decided to be on the safer side, so I got off early from work and took him to our local doctor (first official visit). He said he has a mild case of the Flu and prescribed him an anti-biotic. BTW – He does like taking Medicine.

Today, he was a new boy. Slept well and looking a lot more cheerier. Mom and Aidan are still going to be playing it safe.


On Lighter Note: We are moving into our new place on Sunday, and the weather forecast is looking great. :) 

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