That's my Boy

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Aidan had his 4 month vaccination and checkup. The Sister was very happy with his progress. :) He weighs a whopping 6.5kgs and 61cm tall. Keep it up my son...

picture taken by Tracey, thanks babe.

Oh, by the way, we are in the process of buying our first house. :)

Aidan's Photo Shoot

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About a month back we went to have some professional photos taken of Aidan. What an event!!

The photographers name was Anne, she lives up in Hillcrest (contact me if you want her details). She is a very nice professional person, amazing house and studio.

We arrived promptly at Anne's house at 8:30am on a cold Saturday morning. We started the first set of photos with Tracey and Aidan in white, luckily they went first (you'll see why later). All was going well, first photos (Mom & Baby and Family) were done. But then the batteries ran low in the flash and all the backups were used up. Anne had to shoot out quickly to get some more.  In matter of 10mins Aidan managed to mess (mess = BRIGHT ORANGE POO) all over the Blanket, Tracey and Himself. What a lot of fun. :)  Aidan had to have a quick bath in her sink. I think he enjoyed it? Anne was very understanding.  Besides the little incident everything turned out quite well.

We got the photos on Saturday, and WOW, they are amazing. See a few below.


Some of the pics from the photo shoot.


  aidan & mommy 4 

-thanks to Mark for scanning them in-