I'm 4 weeks old today!!!

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And I LOVE the camera...

Aidan is officially a SA citizen

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I received a SMS this week that Aidan's Birth Certificate is ready for collection. He is now officially part of the South African Public. Going to collect it from Crompton on Saturday.

Some further good news Tracey's Med Aid paid almost the full hospital bill. We just have to pay R415. How excellent is that!!! They also are paying out R2200 for claims.

Aidan is going to meet Third Cousin Paula on Sunday and Second Cousin Elise and Family on Tues next week. All very excited. :)

Enjoying the SUN

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Aidan was born a little prem and as a result he had a little Jaundice. We were told by the Nursing Sister (Sister Parry) at Crompton, that we should lay him in the sun for about 10mins every day. Sun

As you can see he seems to enjoy it...







Everything is going GREAT! He only woke up once last night. Yippy... :)

He is HOME

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Glad to be HOME! Tracey and Aidan were released from Crompton this morning. :)
All very happy and tired from a long night...

Aidan is fast asleep with a full belly and so is mom.

He has ARRIVED...

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What a day! Aidan James Bevan made his way into the world, with help, on the 2 March 2009 at 10:04am, weighing 3.07kgs. What a BIG boy he is.

He is very healthy and completely normal (i.e. not alien as thought). Tracey did an amazing job and is recovering well. Very brave…a lot braver than me… Word of advise to the ladies from Tracey never say ‘NO’ to drugs when offered. You’ll regret it later.

Grand Parents are all very excited and can’t stop saying how ‘HANDSOME’ he is. The nurses and I agree. What do you think?