The End is Nigh

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“I want him OUT!!” says Tracey. This is a result of sleepless nights, sore back, cramp in legs and swollen ankles. Got about 5weeks left. Thanks Lord for patience...

Our little one is getting BIGGER every day. Don’t know how he survives in the little belly of Tracey’s.

At church yesterday he was joining in with the clapping, every time we clapped he would kick.

Tracey found it very funny. He also has a routine of waking up and playing as soon as Tracey is wanting to go to sleep. It’s like he KNOWS.

We have bought a Camp Cot and Pram for him. Took me less than 10mins to assemble the Cot...Wow...  

Got a check up with Dr. Lilly Niadoo tomorrow.

Pics will be uploaded soon. 


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First Expression – His Smile – We went for our 2nd 4d scan and WOW it was amazing… I never thought you would see as much detail as that. You could see the tiniest of details on the fingers, toes, nose and lips.

The most amazing part was the little smile and a laugh he gave us.

Clip of the 4d DVD