Spider in the House

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We had a small surprise guest in the house last night… Tracey was freaking out, while I (calm & collected) assisted my friend to the far away tree.

Rain Spider

spider 086

spider 081 spider 080

Aidan's Famous

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Don't know if you have heard or read already. But Aidan was entered into his first competition, Best Summer Photo, on a local ‘moms’ site.

And guess what he WON.

He now has his pic on the front page of their site. Well Done Boy!!!

winning pic

Fun in the Dirt

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This weekend was out 'stay at home and do chores weekend' and part of that involved planting our veggie garden. Aidan joined in.

View from My Office

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Having Fun With Aidan

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Aidan_at the Party Store

At the Party Store…

Nursery Rhyme of the Day

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“It’s raining, it’s pouring, my little boy is snoring, he went to bed, sucked on boob and wants to sleep in the morning.” sings Tracey.

Aidan’s First Trip to the Doc

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Last week I took two days off to recover from a small bout of Flu… By Sunday night Aidan was sneezing and snotty. We spent the whole night looking after the poor spud. He wasn’t a happy chappy, coughing and spluttering all over the place. We would get him to sleep and then put him down on the bed and in a matter of minutes he would be choking on mucus. On top of that he also had a bit of a temp (avg. 37.8 ). Not Cool.

Monday, Tracey and Aidan spent the better half of the day in bed trying to recover. Aidan literally slept the whole morning and afternoon. Woke for a few feeds, but that was it. We decided to be on the safer side, so I got off early from work and took him to our local doctor (first official visit). He said he has a mild case of the Flu and prescribed him an anti-biotic. BTW – He does like taking Medicine.

Today, he was a new boy. Slept well and looking a lot more cheerier. Mom and Aidan are still going to be playing it safe.


On Lighter Note: We are moving into our new place on Sunday, and the weather forecast is looking great. :) 

Our FIRST Home

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We are officially the proud owners of 32 Manor Gardens, 53 Bohmer Road (Entrance from Bosse St), New Germany. Transfer went through TODAY! What an amazing belated birthday present... :)


Manor Gardens 01

Front Entrance

32 Manor Gardens 12 

Back of House

32 Manor Gardens 10 

Our Garden


Few Details


Me and my Apple

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Aidan ate, I mean sucked, is first little bit of solid food over the weekend, ‘Apple Wedges’. He seemed to enjoy it.


First time at the Beach

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Couple weekends ago I decided to take Tracey and Aidan down to Brighton Beach… It was a bit cold and windy.

Aidan and I were the first to hit the water, brrrr was it cold. We only got our toes wet. Aidan didn’t enjoy it to much. I think it was more of the shock of ‘Instant COLD Feet’ that caused him to cry.

We ran back up to Tracey who had lovingly prepared a little picnic for us, yum yum. Aidan sat on my lap with his feet buried deep in the sand. “What a lot of FUN dad… “ said Aidan in his own language.



Aidan and Dad on the beach…  Thanks Mom for taking the photo.

Durban Airshow 2009

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Wow, what a lot of fun. The Mirage III CZ was amazing.


Silver Falcons and SAA 737 Cargo


Definitely a must for next year. :)

That's my Boy

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Aidan had his 4 month vaccination and checkup. The Sister was very happy with his progress. :) He weighs a whopping 6.5kgs and 61cm tall. Keep it up my son...

picture taken by Tracey, thanks babe.

Oh, by the way, we are in the process of buying our first house. :)

Aidan's Photo Shoot

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About a month back we went to have some professional photos taken of Aidan. What an event!!

The photographers name was Anne, she lives up in Hillcrest (contact me if you want her details). She is a very nice professional person, amazing house and studio.

We arrived promptly at Anne's house at 8:30am on a cold Saturday morning. We started the first set of photos with Tracey and Aidan in white, luckily they went first (you'll see why later). All was going well, first photos (Mom & Baby and Family) were done. But then the batteries ran low in the flash and all the backups were used up. Anne had to shoot out quickly to get some more.  In matter of 10mins Aidan managed to mess (mess = BRIGHT ORANGE POO) all over the Blanket, Tracey and Himself. What a lot of fun. :)  Aidan had to have a quick bath in her sink. I think he enjoyed it? Anne was very understanding.  Besides the little incident everything turned out quite well.

We got the photos on Saturday, and WOW, they are amazing. See a few below.


Some of the pics from the photo shoot.


  aidan & mommy 4 

-thanks to Mark for scanning them in-

Getting Closer to God

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Aidan was baptised on Mothers Day (10 May 2009), couldn't have been more perfect. :)

The proud God Parents are Sean and Larine Napier.  We had lots of family and friends showing their support for Aidan on the day. 

We went on to the Hunts for a bite to eat, ended up having a feast.

Thank you to all for making the day so special for us and Aidan.


photoshop by Mark Hunt

I'm 4 weeks old today!!!

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And I LOVE the camera...

Aidan is officially a SA citizen

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I received a SMS this week that Aidan's Birth Certificate is ready for collection. He is now officially part of the South African Public. Going to collect it from Crompton on Saturday.

Some further good news Tracey's Med Aid paid almost the full hospital bill. We just have to pay R415. How excellent is that!!! They also are paying out R2200 for claims.

Aidan is going to meet Third Cousin Paula on Sunday and Second Cousin Elise and Family on Tues next week. All very excited. :)

Enjoying the SUN

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Aidan was born a little prem and as a result he had a little Jaundice. We were told by the Nursing Sister (Sister Parry) at Crompton, that we should lay him in the sun for about 10mins every day. Sun

As you can see he seems to enjoy it...







Everything is going GREAT! He only woke up once last night. Yippy... :)

He is HOME

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Glad to be HOME! Tracey and Aidan were released from Crompton this morning. :)
All very happy and tired from a long night...

Aidan is fast asleep with a full belly and so is mom.

He has ARRIVED...

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What a day! Aidan James Bevan made his way into the world, with help, on the 2 March 2009 at 10:04am, weighing 3.07kgs. What a BIG boy he is.

He is very healthy and completely normal (i.e. not alien as thought). Tracey did an amazing job and is recovering well. Very brave…a lot braver than me… Word of advise to the ladies from Tracey never say ‘NO’ to drugs when offered. You’ll regret it later.

Grand Parents are all very excited and can’t stop saying how ‘HANDSOME’ he is. The nurses and I agree. What do you think?

Monday... o_O

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Can you believe it? It's 37 weeks... REALLY?

Monday, I'll be holding our little one in my arms for the first time. AMAZING. I never thought the day would come.

I keep thinking about what we (Tracey mainly) have been through these past months. Good Times and Bad Times... It's like we're about to go to an awards ceremony. The prize being our baby. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                            photo by Mark Hunt


We are READY for you little one.

See you on Monday...






He is BIG!

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Just got back from the seeing Dr. Lilly, this was the last checkup before the BIG day.

She did a quick measurement, and then said about 3.4kgs.... Tracey and I gasped and said "That is huge!". She agreed. Monday (2nd Feb) is definitely the Day. Tracey can't wait and neither can I.

We also had a CTG (cardiotocography) done and everything was perfect. He didn't like the cold gel, as soon as it hit Tracey's skin he started kicking.... shame...

...3.4 kgs...


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Wow, what a busy weekend!! Feeling drained, and the baby hasn't even arrived yet.

Late nights and busy days, not a good combo. I think we are trying to get the most in before HE arrives.

- Sat (Work | Church | Braai & Rugby)

- Sun (Sleep-in | Fix Lolly's PC | Pork Roast @ Baxters)

Count down continues ... 1 Week Left !!!

10 days left

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Can you believe it...  Soon our little bump is going to be with us, Pooping, Farting, Vomiting, Crying, Burping, Smiling, Laughing and all the other good things.


We are all very excited to meet him. :)

2.5kgs @ 34 weeks

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Pretty BIG... If I might say so.
Oh... and the due date is set for the 2nd of March 2009

The End is Nigh

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“I want him OUT!!” says Tracey. This is a result of sleepless nights, sore back, cramp in legs and swollen ankles. Got about 5weeks left. Thanks Lord for patience...

Our little one is getting BIGGER every day. Don’t know how he survives in the little belly of Tracey’s.

At church yesterday he was joining in with the clapping, every time we clapped he would kick.

Tracey found it very funny. He also has a routine of waking up and playing as soon as Tracey is wanting to go to sleep. It’s like he KNOWS.

We have bought a Camp Cot and Pram for him. Took me less than 10mins to assemble the Cot...Wow...  

Got a check up with Dr. Lilly Niadoo tomorrow.

Pics will be uploaded soon. 


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First Expression – His Smile – We went for our 2nd 4d scan and WOW it was amazing… I never thought you would see as much detail as that. You could see the tiniest of details on the fingers, toes, nose and lips.

The most amazing part was the little smile and a laugh he gave us.

Clip of the 4d DVD