New Addition - Aimee

Posted by Andrew Bevan | Posted in | Posted on 7:43 AM

Aimee (meaning: Beloved) is the recent addition to the Bevan Family.

Breed: Daschund (Dad) cross Jack Russel (Mom)
Colour: Mixed Light and Dark Brown coat with slightly black face.
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 10 June 2007

She is a gorgeous and obedient puppy. We bought her from a family in Hillcrest on the 15 July 2007. She has three brothers and four sisters all of which have gone to lovely homes.

She eats twice a day and really enjoys her doggy wors. She is quite a vibrant puppy, loves to jump around and play all the time. Quite the climber too...

Tracey and I took her for a walk around Lahee Park yesterday which she thoroughly enjoyed.
We also bought her a bright pink collar "so that people will know that she is a little girl puppy", as Tracey would say. Aimee brings a lot of happiness to the family.

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